Facts About the Periodic Table

The Periodic table is a tabular representation of chemical elements ordered by their atomic number, electron configuration, and recurring chemical properties. Elements in the periodic table are unique and according to scientists, it is not possible to break these elements down into any smaller units. Here are some facts about the periodic table. In the […]


How to Maintain Good Oral Health and Dental Restorations

Numerous types of materials are used to fabricate dental restorations such as fillings, crowns and bridges as well as partial and full dentures. Damaging effects often occur because of daily use of toothbrushes and other dentifrices as well as detrimental oral habits such as smoking and drinking of certain beverages. In addition, many lifestyle habits, […]


Things you should know about Samsung S8

Talking about Samsung it has just running at the top of the list and the only reason for this is revealing smartphones in the market with great features which other smartphone is lacking behind. If we talk about recent reveal it has just launch its new series “Samsung Galaxy S8” on 21st April, 2017 with […]


The Business Strain of US China Relations

Relationships between countries were built through the years. After the world war, peace amongst nations has propagated and international relations were strengthened. Treaties were made and ceasefire were raised. Although there have been a lot of conflicts still since then, most of the world has remained peaceful. The era we live in today is a […]


Professional Journals Enhance Dental Offices

When someone begins a private dental practice, they have high hopes and expectations for the quality of care they’ll provide. They think about the lives they’ll improve, the procedures that will bring relief to painful dental conditions, and of course, they think about how to enhance their business at the same time. A private practice […]


Saizen – a growth hormone injection

Saizen is the brand name of the generic medicine Somatropin injection. This growth hormone was produced by “Recombinant DNA Technology”. Saizen’s chemical structure and amino acid sequence are alike growth hormone produced by the pituitary gland. A mammalian cell, Mouse C127 is modified by the addition of the HGH gene, thus Saizen HGH is produced. […]