July 23, 2016

The Best Practice for AIPMT Preparation

The arrangement for any selection test requires orderly basis, particularly when opening an intense nut like AIPMT, one of India’s most pined for undergrad medicinal placement tests. In this way, it is vital to work out an update methodology to completely cover each basic theme and to expert the exam. Here are some fast tips for your last minute arrangements ... Read More »

Microsoft build 2016 India: Bots, IoT, and home windows Apps

Bengaluru-based startup Yellow Messenger is one of the companies in India that is exploring conversational commerce through bots. You tell the bot to show you footwear and then keep the verbal exchange by way of inquiring for guys’s shoes, or ladies’s, and so on. Yellow Messenger is simply one of the startups in India it truly is using Microsoft’s Cognitive ... Read More »

Broadwell-E puts 10 cores on faucet: Intel launches the core i7-6950X at Computex 2016

Ever when you consider that Intel debuted the “E” circle of relatives of hardware with Sandy Bridge-E in 2011, these processors have formed the backbone of Intel’s pinnacle-tier enthusiast services. while the variety of cores on the pinnacle of Intel’s ordinary consumer products has stayed constant considering 2009’s Nehalem — four cores with Hyper-Threading — the company has gradually multiplied ... Read More »

Connection of Casino Games and Celebrities

It’s quite normal to find celebrities at the blackjack pits or poker tables around the world. Some of them play in private rooms so that you never get to hear about their gambling fun. And like millions of people, there are numerous celebrities who prefer to indulge in casino gaming online, at popular casino sites like MagicalVegas.com. After all, if ... Read More »

Dress For Success!

You’ve aimed high in your career and have just identified a company that you’d like to work for.  Having done your research on the company, the position and the hiring manager, you’re now ready to nail the job interview. Oh, but what to wear?   You only have one opportunity to make a first impression. Confirming your references, identifying the driving ... Read More »

Top 5 Tips to keep your Computer Virus-free

In order to protect your computer from viruses you should have multiple levels of security. The more updated you maintain your computer software and the more layers of security you add to your device, the easier it will be for you to maintain it virus-free. New viruses and malware are released on a daily basis on the Internet. Hence you ... Read More »

The Future Of Rare Earth Recycling – Few Points To Consider

One thing that is common in a hybrid car, a smart phone and a tomahawk cruise missile is that they all are useless without rare earth magnets. Materials like europium, neodymium and other scarce materials are very high in demand. The demand is so urgent that the government and the companies are looking for places to mine these materials including ... Read More »

Why You Should Not Miss Out on Giving JEE Exam?


One of the most sought after and attended entrance examination in India is the JEE. Thousands of students prepare for JEE every single year and appear for it, either with their customary 12th standard board examinations or post it. Before we get onto learning, why it is a must for you to appear for the JEE exam, let us first ... Read More »